Thursday, May 6, 2010

My 11th Birthday!

Yesterday I turned 11 ya!!! I got some really cool presents like...a Linkin Park CD, Hybrid Theory-- thanks Olivia! And I got red hair gel. I also got some cool Star Wars The Clone Wars Pins!

And the best of all I got... FxHome Effects Lab Pro!!, from my parents. Thanks, Mommy and Daddy!

The cake was awesome, too. It was sort of like Boston cream pie...drool....

After cake and presents, I got to choose how to spend my day. We went to Best Buy because I had a gift card from my nana and papa, and then we went to Toys R Us because I had money from family and I got some cool things. Later we went to Martels and had ice cream which was very good! And then we went home and we watched Battle Star Galactica (season 2), which was EPIC, as was the day!

Thank you Mommy, Daddy, Olivia and all my grandparents for all the cool stuff!

My birthday wish is to have a shop called -STUFF- get it here!!!



  1. Thats soooooo awesome adam!!!

    Happy b day!!!!

  2. Sweet. The 'laptop' look on your face is priceless...
    Now, on On Bradstreet, I'm going to assume those Nerf guns on the table are yours? I've got a Maverick and a Recon, modded the recon :P.
    Anyway, happy birthday!


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