Monday, July 12, 2010

Seeing and Making Movies

Rainbow Gleam

A week ago I saw Eclipse with my family. It was really good and mostly like the book. It was good to be able to visualize what happened in the book, because sometimes it's hard to imagine whats happening. Two days later we saw The Last Airbender. Unfortunately, it was nothing like the tv show, which I love. The whole Fire Nation was messed up, most of the casting was wrong and they didn't even stick with the story! So it was disappointing. As I was saying...

Last night we saw Toy Story 3 which was super good and funny! Some people were saying that it was not good at all but other people are saying it might win a Oscar. So if you enjoyed the Toys Stories, you should definitely see this one.

I think I'm going to ask my parents to put the original Tron on the Netflix queue.

The cgi for TRON: Legacy looks pretty cool, so I'll probably see this when it comes out.

Lately I have been thinking of ideas for a sequel of a maybe three part series of movies called Clone War.

I have written the beginning of the plot for the second movie called Clones Revenge but I'm still working on it. I have a lot more movies here. I have been working a lot with FXhome, which is awesome!

If I'm not making movies, I'll be doing this. See you at the beach!

Beach land

Live Long And Prosper-Adam


  1. that was when you wer't there and it was the last day logan was there and i think you were biszy or somthin


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