Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Dude! It's end of October already and where have I been, huh? Welp, not here obviously so I'm fixing that now. Can I just say, Halloween?! Almost here. Cool. I'm going as a secret agent dude and there's the homeschool party on Saturday night, too. Awesome. My friend Noah and I plan on trick or treating in our town. Sweet. Get it? Sweet?

Oh and because it's almost Samhain (Halloween), we've been watching scary movies. So far I've seen Alien and Aliens, Jaws (die shark, die!!!) Amityville Horror (not so scary) and this, which I really liked.

So, a month ago, we were at the fair. It was really awesome, especially because we met up with a bunch of other unschoolers we met at the unschooling conference in August and my sister and I hung out with them, mostly on Friday. My favorite things this year about the fair were (photos from my mom):

hanging out with friends and roaming the fair!old friends
the gang

Pie Cones!
first pie cone of the fair
pie cone before going home

my blue hair!
some tunes

hot cider on a cold day!hot cuppa cider

End of last month I attended this lab at GofMERI about lobsters. My friend Noah went, too, so that made it even more fun.


I've also been enjoying the biology labs on Thursdays and the Intro to the Holocaust on Thursday nights. I just finished Maus.

Bio class
Bio class
unschool evening

Oh yeah, and teen meet-ups, those are fun.

teen meet-up @ PPL

I've been in extra rehearsals, with my sister, Olivia, for the PSO in addition to choir. We'll be singing at the Magic Of Christmas in something like twelve performances, so it's busy around here.

My mom took this when Noah was over. Derp.

Speaking of derps.

hurr durr derp face - YOU'RE A WIZARD HURRRRY
see more Durr

And...OMGHARRYPOTTER(HP7)COMESOUTNOV19! See the trailer here. I just finished all the books up to the fifth one, which I just started. Not sure I'll get them all read by the time the movie is out. I mean, I've had them all read to me and I've listened to them all on cd a billion times, but I've enjoyed reading them to myself, too.

Here's my latest YouTube update.

Speaking of YouTube, they used this song in Scott Pilgrim and it's my current favorite.

When I went to Acadia recently with my family, Olivia and I did some filming, but I haven't finished editing that yet.

action packed adventure for all

Earlier this week, I went to the graveyard gathering with other unschoolers, which was a lot of fun, and took these.

Walking through the stone field

The city of stone
The Halloween tree.
Fall graves

See ya! o_O

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  1. I'm back on with my blog. Awesome post. Got to watch 6th Sense. Graveyard pics so cool! See you soon.


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