Sunday, January 3, 2010


I think it's about time I tell you all about my Yule. First, I hope you all had a wonderful time this past holidays season. I know that I had a great time!
Guess what my parents gave me? A laptop!!! It's so awesome! Here's my sister and me freaking out! Ha ha ha!

no. way.

They also gave me a great game for my DS called Scribblenauts, it's really fun. And they also gave me a Doctor Who poster and calender, it's awesome! Olivia (my sister) gave me some movie making stuff, like props, and a small tripod. The legs on it bend so I can attach it to a tree branch or something and film. It's also light, so it's easier for me to carry around. Santa gave me most awesome Lego set ever! And I got lots of different colored duct tape in my stocking (for making homemade swords). Score!


After Yule morning at our house we drove up to my Nana and Papa's. Aunt Jane, Aunt Carol and Auntie Heather were also there. Auntie Heather gave me a cool Lego set, Nana and Papa another cool Lego set and Aunt Jane and Aunt Carol gave me a Borders gift card. Yay!

The next day was Boxing Day and like usual, mommy and daddy made tons of good food and we had lots of people over. But first my Grampies spent the morning with us. Grampie always surprises us with $$--awesome!--and a set of binoculars, which are going to come in really handy, and Timmy gave me this really awesome Star Wars Lego book.

Later when our friends showed up, we went and made movies, then I finished making it on my new laptop!! and we were able to show the movie to everyone at the party! Everyone laughed a lot, because it is kind of funny, but weird. We had lots of fun making it. Oliver and Owen had some really good ideas and were fun to work with, so I'm looking forward to getting together with them again soon to expand on our ideas.

So that was my Yule! I hope you had a great holiday, too!

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